What are the reasons to buy them or not?
For sure you’ve watched the reviews of these devices and read comments about them.
The matte colors on this new series are really beautiful and they are very different than the older generation, but colors alone are not a reason to upgrade to these devices.
These devices come with a rear triple camera set up, zoom is better, photography is better and there is the brand new third ultra wide camera, if you need this third lens, then you are fine with this device, moving between lenses is very excellent, the design of the iPhone 11 Pro and Max are no different than the design of last year, it comes with a glass back and front with stainless steel frame, the screen occupies most of the front and it comes with a top notch that houses face recognition sensors, the difference this year is that it comes with triple rear camera setup with a square shape you won’t find any differences if you own iPhone X or XS.
The new XDR technology in these new phones have never been used on any iPhone before.
The screen is better on the Pro Max version, it comes with better resolution and screen specs, the screen supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, but Apple decided to ditch the 3D Touch feature on these devices.
The 3D Touch is replaced with Haptic Touch, if you don’t use 3D Touch, it won’t make a difference for you, but I personally used to use it sometimes.
You can still edit text by pressing and holding on the space button on the keyboard to move between lines.
If you get used to it, you won’t miss 3D Touch, these new devices, for the first time, support WiFi 6.
The batteries have been hugely improved from the 2018 versions, but the devices are heavier now, some people like it as the devices have some hefty weight to them, while others don’t like it as it tires their hands.
As usual, the A13 Bionic is the best CPU in the market now, and despite how powerful it is, it consumes 30% less power than the previous generation.
It also performs 20% better than the previous generation, PUBG was very smooth using the highest settings.
The second reason why you should buy this phone is to use it for 4 or 5 years.
The camera, screen and battery will let you enjoy photos. It also supports features like Slofies, which are not supported on other devices.
One of the new features on these devices is night mode, which works perfectly, the great thing about it is that it automatically enables itself when you’re in a dark place, after experimenting with it, we noticed that it provides great colors, the results are also better than on other devices.
Apple will excel in this feature if they keep developing it, deep Fusion feature will make a huge difference for you as it uses the Neural chip, this chip process photos while being shot, and it provides you with photos with lots of details.
These reasons make the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max great for certain people.
These people are the pro photographers and videographers and people who want the best Apple offers, and for the first time in Apple history, these devices come with a fast charger in the box.
This charger will charge these devices quicker as it charges the device from 0% to 50% in half an hour.
The device supports faster than this, but the charger that comes in the box is just a fast charger not extra fast charger.
But you could use the MacBook charger, which is 87w to charge it, but the one in the box is excellent, don’t expect your phone to charge from 50% to 100% in half an hour, rather from 0% to 50% charges in 30 minutes, the charging speeds starts quickly from 0% to 50% then the speed drops, and this is to save the battery from degrading.
Phone manufacturers and battery manufacturers think this is the best way to manage the battery.
The box doesn’t come with an adapter like last year. The box only contains Apple Stickers, fast charger and the headphones.
The headphones use the lightning port, and one of the best things that come in the box is USB-C to Lightning charging cable, this means that amps and charging speeds will be fast. It will also transfer data quicker. You will notice this with iTunes if you connect the phone to your computer to backup your device.
You can also connect the phone to your MacBook using this cable as these MacBook don’t come with USB A anymore.








What other developments happened in this device?
The front facing camera is now 12MP instead of 7MP, and it supports Slofies now.
According to Apple, the battery no the Max version comes with 5 hours more than the XS Max.
How did this happen? They made the battery a little bigger, but the CPU does the rest as it consumes less power.
That’s how the battery offers 5 hours more, the 11 Pro battery comes with 4 hours more than the iPhone XS
Every time I use these devices, I notice the matte colors, the silver version is more of a white color, but they call it silver. The matte colors are amazing.
These matte versions come with a problem as some accessories don’t work on them. Be careful when applying accessories to it, protect your investment by using protective accessories, whether from Apple or 3rd party companies. We’re waiting for more accessories to emerge for these devices.
Apple usually releases battery cases and other accessories at the end of the year.